NortHFutures brand guidelines

NortHFutures brand guidelines

May 16, 2024 Rob Anderson

This is a page containing the NortHFutures brand guidelines.



NortHFutures is the project name Nort-H-Futures, note the capital H.


The logomark and wordmark are the best way to reference the project in documents or on other websites. Each asset is available as an SVG and PNG file. SVG are best for the web where it is supported, and the PNG is best for everywhere else. 

The assets contain an alpha background to allow for different background colours, but they must be subtle and have a good contrast ratio to maintain legibility. 


The dark variant of the logo, it has dark strokes for use on lighter backgrounds. MUST be displayed on a solid near-white background


The light variant of the logo, it has light strokes for use on darker backgrounds. MUST be displayed on a solid near-black background


There are two fonts that are part of these guidelines:

  • Montserrat is for the wordmark and headings of pages and documents (download)
  • Inter is for body content on pages and documents (download)
The website uses the fonts hosted on


These are the NortHFutures’ colours:

Their hex codes are:

Name Value
Lazurite #002148
Dioptase #68b2b1
Umber #7f5f54
Terracotta #dd8770
Sage #b8d5a7
Chalk #f1e5cb


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